“Stay Relevant” Walk Through

This is a part of the content creation, social engagement, and link building videos series.

This Knowledge Transfer LLC walk through video is for entrepreneurs and business owners looking for ways to increase their visibility and to help more of their customers find their business both online and offline.

Knowledge Transfer LLC explainer videos image

Lead Gen

A lead generation and list building video for the growing small business entrepreneur.

Brief videos like this are filmed using Clarisketch which stops recording when you are not speaking.  Unfortunately it did not render all the images we had to share but the overall message is delivered.

Case Study

Real life case study of what Knowledge Transfer LLC can do for a service based business.  Here, Corporate Construction & Design Inc., a roofing and general contractor is featured going from a very small word-of-mouth business to a front-and-center presence both online and offline.  Most businesses need a solution to dominate Service Control which can make all the difference.


Completely free JobNimbus setup tutorial for any service business.  Although the example discusses a contractor type business, JobNimbus can be used by any service type and can actually carry a limited amount of products.

For a more robust products solution, KTLLC recommends Magento eCommerce.

Retention Marketing

Acquisition marketing usually receives most of the attention by those businesses that understand marketing is important.

However, retention marketing pays for itself many times over and is the most valuable type of marketing when understood and made an active part of your Financials.

Ktllc Services

Ktllc services come in the form of Setup of complete on and offline presence, followed by service modules to handle everything from SEO to CRM Management.

The goal is getting everything working and then throttle open the engagement to start lead generation and sales and revenue workflow.