Email Marketing: SPF and DKIM

If you have a website and business with an intention of marketing via email, then SPF and DKIM will become very relevant and important to your marketing goals.  Specifically, SPF and DKIM will be crucial in helping your email delivery rates improve.

SPF or Sender Policy Framework was developed to prevent spammers from using your domain to send unauthorized emails (what is referred to as spoofing).  SPF records the mail servers that are permitted to send email on behalf of your domain.

DKIM or DomainKeys Identified Mail was a standard developed (just like SPF) to prevent spammers from “impersonating” you as an email sender.  It's a way to digitally sign your emails in a way that allows the receiving server to check if you actually sent the email or not.

How Do I Setup SPF and DKIM?

Setting up SPF and DKIM is different for each hosting provider.  However, the “aerial view” basic instruction is that you place special SPF and DKIM “paramters or snippets” in your DNS record.

For example, the DKIM “public key” as its called in your DNS record could be “”

Alternatively, the SPF entry could be like this: “v-spf1 mx ~all”

Instructions are usually provided along with your website hosting solution provider and/or your email services provider.  Just don't let the acronyms or process scare you.  It is a very straight forward procedure to install them and you can also reference our free internet marketing tutorial video to see how it is done exactly.

The Need for Medium and Small Business Marketing

If you have a business of any type, you logically are going to need customers or clients.  The question is how much of your time is going to be traded (daily, weekly, monthly) for marketing activities instead of in actual presentation of your products or services to your prospects?  Too many businesses will quickly hire another staff person at thousands per year, but not commit to the most basic of marketing line items on their Profit and Loss Statement!

The solution rests in sitting down and talking specifically about what kinds of numbers your business will need in order to be successful year in and year out.  And for this, it will require a breakdown in terms of: How many leads will you need to generate or receive weekly, monthly, or annually?  And how many of those will need to turn into customers or clients.

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Have a Question?