Social Media Marketing

With so many social media marketing and social marketing platforms and channels, the question then becomes: Which one should one focus on and pile all their dollars and energy into?

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Yelp
  • etc.

Social marketing and social media, when properly staged and systemically implemented can drive rabid-level engagement and interest with anyone or any business.  It is on everyone's radar even as younger audiences migrate away from Facebook and older demographics embrace it more each day.

How Do I Begin Social Media Marketing For My Business?

“The pillars of success with social media begin and end with a focus on quality over quantity and an understanding that people naturally share what they enjoy.”

In the 1980s it was heavily rumored and predicted that the VHS (and Beta) would mean the end of movie theaters.  Of course, anyone with that assumption also forgot that human interaction is a very strong part of our existence.  Enter social media in our times and people ask, “what is the magic elixir?”  What is the formula for social media success?

Social Marketing Will Overtake Search

Everyday people are becoming more and more adapted to the use of smartphones for just about everything you can imagine.  Social media plays straight into this as it keeps them entertained and engaged with everything from babies, kittens, and the awkward video share someone send you recently.  When Facebook developed the Open Graph to turn search content into objects it could then embed and use in social media, Google woke up.

There was a time when Google dominated search and everyone felt that social media could not over take search, but not only has it done so, but it is also doing it in a much more practical way to the benefit of businesses in search of targeted-affordable promotion.

Your Daily News brought to you by Social Media.

There was a time when your local morning newspaper was the source of your daily news.  And then television took over long enough to create the cable news networks we love and hate.  Now comes the time when your news can be packaged precisely to the type you would prefer.  Specifically, if you don't like left or right leaning news, you can filter your news to your preferences.

But this is how granular social media can get.  For example, if a soccer mom “likes” the school in her neighborhood AND also shops at Target AND lives specifically in a specific part of town, you can send her a customized message that can reach her.  Moreover, if you know her social profile ID, you can send her and her only an ad.

Nano-targeting is a reality that the television networks of yesteryear could not have even imagined.  Mathew Ingram, previously with Fortune Magazine has been covering the wave of change brought on by social media for a while now, and says, “I write about the evolution of media and the social web.”  His insightful articles in 2015 showed what was coming.

Social Media Content, Engagement, and Management

KTLLC maintains operating manuals on how best to approach each social network.  There are specific benefits that apply more to one business type than another.  For example, service businesses can do extremely well on LinkedIn where a product business may be better suited for Pinterest.  Our Content Engagement Module B is designed to create the content, stage it for distribution, and then systemically immerse the target audience to arrive at: natural shares of joyful and useful content — to the benefit of your brand.

It is no a question of whether your audience is there and ready, but more a matter of whom you wish to reach and what exactly you would like us to put in front of them.

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