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SEO services by an SEO company can provide website owners with increased site visitors when the site and content is strategically positioned to rank higher in the search engine results pages of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Twitter (yes, Twitter is also a search engine), YouTube, and beyond.  Search engine optimization techniques include on-page and off-page link building which over time may result in higher natural web rankings, which in turn, increase the likelihood that the site will be visited by more and more users.

But why should one pay for SEO services in the first place?

What Will An SEO Company Accomplish?

“Search engine optimization requires research (vision), content (value), and links [and the velocity at which you get them].”

Engagement with a search engine optimization company will trigger the review of both on-page and off-page content and links to understand what keywords the site is currently ranking for and where the site content is appearing on search engine results pages.

SEO is Balance and Symmetry

SEO cannot be rushed because SEO is responsive to the search engines' algorithms which are already in-tune with the mathematical and natural “rate” of linking and engagement on the internet.  In other words, the historically collected and on-going data aggregation tells search engines at what rate people link, bookmark, and share content.  Any SEO agency that claims they can have a site listed “over night” or offers a first-page placement “guarantee” would be pitting their reputation against these empirically established benchmarks.

The Costs and Pricing of Search Engine Optimization

First, organic ranking on search engines has changed.  Google makes money from paid advertising, but free organic rankings compete with paid placements .  As such, organically optimizing a site and its content purely for the purpose of ranking organically on the “top page” of Google will become increasing difficult.  This is due to Google having Google Places (local) listings in addition to paid Sponsored listings on the top page of many a search result.

One can optimize a page for organic but may find themselves ranking for their keywords on “everything after page 1” of Google.  Moreover, one can optimize a site through nefarious link building schemes only to find their site completely de-indexed by Google.

How Much Should You Spend on SEO Services?

Search engine optimization by a competent SEO company includes a complete evaluation of the entire architecture of the site including content (text, images, videos) and the ever important inbound and outbound links to and from the pages and posts throughout the site.  From there, the on-page elements of every content piece will be optimized to be textually responsive to search engine spiders and crawlers which are always looking to index quality content throughout the internet.  Then, if all this is successfully done, the most important part of SEO can begin: inbound link building to the site content (pages, posts, videos, etc.).  However, as stated earlier, this may happen naturally if the content is engaging and interesting such that people and sites wish to willfully link to the content, or, persuasively as only an experienced search engine optimization expert can begin to strategically begin the “natural” and time-based process of link building.  And it is this meticulous long-term based work of reaching out to the internet and helping a site become inbound linked to that is the core of the process.

In 2015, Jayson DeMers of Search Engine Watch and Simon Ensor (in 2017 ) took up the pricing challenge and stated,

“The price associated with an SEO campaign can be determined by a significant amount of factors: what work has been conducted previously? What internal resources are available to support the campaign? How competitive is the industry? What are the goals of the campaign?”

Setup and Service Modules for your Business

Once you have determined a budget that is in line with the size of your business and the competitiveness of the desired industry, you can engage an SEO company and you can pay for the services in any one of these three ways:

  1. Recurring fee
  2. Project-based
  3. Hourly rate

Recurring fee-based SEO services provide customers with the consistency of tasks and the bench-marking of goals.  You can receive a regular weekly or monthly time-based report of keyword ranking positions and page engagement statistics to know how your site is performing.  More importantly, you can see how many visitors are coming in to help you reach your targeted number of page views to then turn those into your desired number of leads (all leading up to your desired number of sales conversions and final revenue).

Project-based SEO services may encompass SEO and other critical optimization components such as Open Graph Structured Data Optimizations and even Social Media implementations (as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are also search engines).  This pay structure can benchmark how much work has been done allowing your site and business to achieve milestones.

Knowledge Transfer LLC offers recurring fee module-based services where our customers can choose which modules they are interested in and for how long as they are all month-to-month.  We have eliminated the need for project-based and hourly fees structures as our service modules can be turned ON and OFF as needed when needed.  Of course, you can always keep them going on a monthly basis but there are never any long term contracts.

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