Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing is the paid web marketing opposite of organic search engine optimization services.  Where SEO generates “free” traffic by a site's authority (through link building) and leading insightful content, paid SEM is your “billboard” on the digital highway — allowing a website or business to advertise directly to their intended audience — immediately!  No line. No waiting.

     Quid Pro Quo Placements:

  • Pay-per-Click (PPC)
  • Banner Display Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google AdWords
  • Paid Retargeting
  • Independent Solo Ads
  • Email List Mailings
  • Referrals and Affiliates

SEM can be used in combination with a identity and branding strategy to ramp up awareness of your site or business, and to over take an immediate competitor presence.

Why Even Use Web Marketing?

“Nano-targeting is the future of advertising.  If your customer likes coffee, shops at Target, and lives on a street you've targeted, they will see your ad.”

First, web marketing is the fastest and most immediate way to get on the first page and first listing position on Google and any of the other search engines like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Second, because you are not limited to just keywords and organic rankings, you can now geo-target and even schedule specifically when you want your text link ads and banner placements to appear and where.

Third, it is the fastest way to create a true-local surge marketing campaign where your site and business can appear “omnipresent” on all target area mediums.  For example, if you are a roof contractor serving a specific storm impacted city, you can target that specific city such that every time someone uses any web browser to visit YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and any other website on the internet — your ad will be right there waiting for them.

Why Is Paid SEM So Effective?

It gets results.  Even when you know to whom you want to market to, you need a little bit of data to initially test your marketing creative assets.  Paid search engine marketing allows you to immediately deploy a pilot campaign to say, 1,000 recipients to sample the potential response of larger future campaign.  If you assume that Google by default is the best search engine to launch a campaign, you may be humbled to learn that it was Bing instead that had the highest overall conversions — and at the lowest cost!  Furthermore, quid pro quo placements have always been available from the top 3 search engines, and are now available even from all the top social content networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Bottom line: You can easily pay $160 for a click on Google, when you can generate 34 leads on Facebook for the same amount.

Front Load Your Search Engine Marketing Ads with Ad Extensions!

Many times an advertiser will follow the most basic of marketing efforts, simply because they are not in the marketing game everyday.  For example, when placing Google AdWords text-based ads, always use Ad Extensions.  Why?  First, they are free to include, and only act to boost (increase) the likelihood of a click.  Meaning, if you have an ad which would normally have one link (the text of your ad title), ad extensions allow you to ad “extensions” to this ad to include reviews, call-to-action links, location information and even additional site links to bring people directly to your other ad-custom landing pages.

Daily Egg author Joseph Putnam, says [taq]AdWords is a monster.[/taq]  Using Ad Extensions vastly VASTLY improves the return on investment of your placements.

Dominate SEM with Quid Pro Quo Placements

KTLLC has a Consecution service module specifically for Open Graph-SEO-SEM management.  It is designed to handle not only Search Engine Marketing but the other two components of web marketing and outreach.  If you are using the Authority Content module to create amazing landing pages for your ads, then the Consecution module will enable you to sit back while we wire everything up for you.

The cost of a successful test/trial campaign is priceless when you consider how the sky is the limit once it is ready to scale.

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