Join KTLLCs Revenue Sharing Referral Program!

Knowledge Transfer LLC was created with the purpose of driving traffic, leads and revenue for our customers.  We specialize in marketing, branding, and back-end systems management.  In this, we pride ourselves in being a Referral-Only based service that compensates our referrers with up to 20% of the revenue earned from a referred customer.  For example, if a new referral signs up with KTLLC, you can expect to receive up to 20% of the billings, depending on the type of customer it is.  If they are eCommerce-based, then it will be slightly less but always between 10% and 15%.  However, if they are services-based then you may qualify for up to 20% of the billings, particularly if you are a current customer of KTLLC!  Our Revenue Sharing Referral Program can easily be incorporate as an additional revenue source to your business.


Refer Your Way to Zero Services Fees

All customers of Knowledge Transfer LLC have the unique opportunity to refer new business, and we will always compensate exactly 20% of that new service billings to you as a thank you and appreciation of your business and that new business which you have helped us add to our referral-based network of customers.  And there is no limit on the number of businesses or self-employed professionals and trades people you can refer.