Alert: Never Use AdWords Express

We understand that there is so much being thrown at an advertiser these days that some feel the frustration and just simply want to take the easy way out.  In this example, one may decide not to invest in pay-per-click consulting and figure a tool such as AdWords Express is there and fully capable of handling PPC for them.  But nothing could be farther from the fact and why we feel you should never use AdWords Express for marketing.

AdWords Express Reasoning and Convenience

It would be wonderful if there was a simple and convenient way to just set and forget something as important as pay-per-click advertising.  However, as a new customer of Knowledge Transfer LLC just found out:

“The convenience afforded by AdWords Express is also the reason we were paying for sometimes completely irrelevant search results clicks and it cost us dearly.  What we paid in irrelevant clicks we could have paid a fraction of with the proper advice.”

Pay-per-Click Phrase Matches

AdWords Express is made conveniently accessible through Google My Business.  Anyone who sets up a Google My Business account does not receive an option to setup AdWords.  Instead, they are automatically configured to AdWords Express by default.  In this, an unaware user will go ahead and create an Ad (and even create two versions) and set a spend budget.  However, under the section Search Phrases, Express says, “Your ads can show when customers interested in your products or services search on Google, using these words or similar terms.”

This is not exactly accurate because it leads one to believe that the users “customers” are the only ones that will see the ad versions.  In reality, because the ads are created using Phrase match instead of exact match settings, all sorts of search queries can bring up the ad version.  And because of this phrase match restriction in AdWords Express, a contractor looking for service customers, can find themselves paying for searchers where the searcher is looking for accessories for a Hitachi roofing tool.  Not exactly the audience they were looking for and paying for these completely irrelevant clicks.

Do It Yourself: Not in Pay-per-Click

We understand that sometimes one does not want to spend and not receive value for their money.  However, attempting to setup any type of pay per click advertising without a proper structure will just lead to monies being spend in the wrong areas,  as irrelevant or partially unrelated clicks cost users even more money than any one-time AdWords consulting ever could.

AdWords is a powerful and viable platform, but you should never use AdWords Express as it is setup for convenience instead of granular precision.  If value is what what you are looking for, get a consultation on the proper way to setup pay-per-click for any and all quid-pro-quo type advertising.  Regardless if it is for Facebook Ads or AdWords, granular precision is the goal.

Consecution SEO and SEM by Knowledge Transfer LLC

AdWords Express is setup for convenience not value.  If you are advertising on any pay per click network, you need the proper structure.  Knowledge Transfer LLC offers service modules that will setup and manage the campaigns for you correctly so you are always in front of your ideal customer and paying the absolute least possible as it should be.

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