Savoir Faire Single Sourcing – Module F

Single sourcing is a modular method to content creation where the content is structured around topics that can be mixed, filtered, reused, and published across a wide variety of formats (both digital and print), in various languages, and on many of devices such as:

  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Digital Billboards
  • Desktops

Single source publishing a/k/a single sourcing is the creation of content in one central location, but with the robust ability to be used and published across different forms of media formats (and more than one time) simultaneously.  Alternatively, when someone writes an article on say Microsoft Word, and then also publishes it on their website's blog, they have just created two sources of the same content.  If they then convert the content into a PDF, they now have three.  This method of documentation is labor intensive and expensive both in financial and human capital as it would require editing at three sources when modifications become necessary.  Single sourcing eliminates this and infuses the benefits of “savoir faire.”

What does Savoir Faire Mean?

Adaptive content which knows what to do depending on the output device, is a benefit to a savvy business.  Imagine the possibilities when you create one source document, and then publish in various formats.  Imagine editing all business documentation in one location (source) and automatically seeing those edits migrate across your entire enterprise.

In technical terms, a single source document data file can be output as:

  • Responsive Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
  • Adobe FrameMaker files
  • Portable document format (PDF)
  • Microsoft Word documents
  • Extensible HyperText Markup Language (XHTML)
  • Compiled HTML Help (CHM) files
  • Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) files

In plain English, a single document can be output simultaneously as:

  • a web page
  • a blog post
  • an eBook
  • a whitepaper
  • a printed book
  • a filtered manual
  • onto a tablet
  • onto a smartphone
  • onto a desktop
  • onto a digital billboard
  • and so on…

If your business creates lots of documentation such as user manuals or if makes documenting operating procedures and workflows a part of the organization, then single sourcing should be incorporated.  End users receive consistent information, while the source document acts as the central hub.

Module F – Single Sourcing Services

Ktllc can produce Authority content for your website for the purpose of building online credibility, rankings, and of course lead generation.  But, why not also create a central repository of that content for other purposes such as print and multi-channel publishing?  Furthermore, if the content being created is for marketing purposes then there should also be written business procedures on how to handle the outcomes and output of marketing efforts.  For example, if content generated for a website is producing leads for a dental hygienist, what are the company operating procedures for handling and servicing those leads and new customers?  How are they being serviced after they become a customer?  And after services have been provided?  Retention marketing can benefit when this documentation is in place.

If single sourcing is made a part of your business, you gain a distinction from your competitors as you have a central repository to produce, edit, and disburse company content assets where and however it is needed.

When Ktllc Setup service is completed, we also create a single source file for your content and prepare for its use with our service Modules.  We do this to centralize and then distribute your content in as many forms as needed.  However, that is just your Module A and B based content as produced by Ktllc.  It does not include your company-wide materials that could also benefit from single sourcing.

Ktllc created Module F – Savoir Faire Single Sourcing to provide you with the resources and option to make topic-based authoring a part of your business.  You just let us know what else you would like single sourced and we will begin building on that.  Single sourcing separates your business from your competition in terms of infrastructure, organization, and scalability — giving you a single place to store and disseminate everything from your company manual to the service or product brochures handed out to prospective customers.

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