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A Short Story:

When Google was sued by Overture Services Inc. (claiming Google was infringing on their pay-per-click technology patent) it was established that Google, despite popular assumption, did not invent the consecution sequencing magic of pay-per-click that is the bread and butter of their revenues today (Google eventually settled and received a perpetual use license under the patent).   Another assumption is that search engines are algorithmicly smart enough to know: who, what, where, when, why and how.

However, the Open Graph protocol created by Facebook, which assigns properties such as Title, URL, Image etc. to website objects (to help  “fetch” web page data) was established because search engine algorithms were doing a poor job.  And this is important because,

What Does Consecution Mean?

“A sequence or succession of events or things.”

Looking at things as a sequencing or succession of events enables a website or business to stage an “attack plan” with structure.  Thus when approaching marketing and advertising (as they are dollars spent that need to account for themselves), the best approach is to sequence (consecute) search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and the open graph protocol in a  formation plan that leaves competitors unable to stage or even understand why your campaigns are so effective.  Consecution is the backbone: unseen and lethal in a reach campaign.

The Open Graph Protocol (OG)

The Open Graph enables you to take control away from the automated content generators of the search engines, and optimize your content to then tell the engines what your content is in ways no algorithm can (yet).  And this is important because search engine optimization (SEO), in combination with the Open Graph protocol, enables your website and business to position your  product, name, or service with precision.  From the exact geo-coordinates of your business to the exact categories, prices, and items on your restaurant's menu:

consecution open graph seo sem comparison menu image

Same search for a “menu.”  However, different outcomes from sites and businesses in the same market vertical.  Conduct this search and you'll see you can even click the tabs on the Wolfgang Puck Express results and see the menu items.  This is the Open Graph protocol at work.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization positions your site or business within the text link results of search pages.  SEO takes time as the search engines crawl your site and pages over time and this is because your site activity and links (to it)  should be occuring “naturally” and over time.  However, when both on-page and off-page optimizations are executed correctly, the search engines can and will display your pages on the top results.  In combination with the Open Graph protocol, search engine optimization takes on a whole new dimension as illustrated in the Starbucks vs Wolfgang menus example above.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing as described on our SEM page, is the counter-weight to SEO.  There is no waiting around to rank based on link building or algorithmic requirements.  You pay.  You position.  Of course, guidelines should still be followed to pay the least amount over time.  For example, if a website has a dozen (or so) 5 star reviews, then they will pay about 20% less than a competitor, for the exact same position on Google's local results listings.

Yet SEM, in line with SEO, in line with the Open Graph (consecution) brings your website, name and business to a new level of presence and engagement.  In the case of Wolfgang Puck Express, search engine optimization ensures the Wolfgang menu page will be found.  Then, the Open Graph allows searchers to interact with their menu.  However, in the interim and algorithmic flux of SEO, SEM ensures that they are not waiting around to be found.

Module E – Consecution Services

One of the ways for us to eliminate a competitor offering “similar” services is to put their URL (or their customers') in a browser.  It seems trivial but what it says is that the understanding of consecution is missing (if known at all)—at your expense.

Ktllc created Module E because we understand that you can't engage in acquisition marketing and thus advertising without structure.  Outfits offering just “SEO” or, SEO and some PPC (vs full SEM), are providing a fragmented service.  Likewise, outfits offering just “Social Media” or, Search Engine Marketing without SEO and the Open Graph are also partitioning.

It is the sum and sequencing of the parts that raises a website and business above the competitive fold.

Module E Consecution Open Graph SEO SEM image

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