Autonetics Sales Funnels – Module C

The definition of autonetics is [taq]“the science of the use and development of automated devices used for control and guidance.”[/taq] Sales Funnels use could not have a more specific meaning.  And the effective us of a sales funnel can turn any business into a lead generation machine.  Autonetics sales funnels come in a few types:

  • Opt-In (specifically for lead capture using lead magnets)
  • Order Processing (used by everyone if you've ever paid with a credit card online)
  • Casting (to conduct online “live” seminars and control the engagement)
  • Segmentation (certain content available to certain audiences i.e., paid vs unpaid membership and drip content)
  • Anticipation (stirring up interest and engagement for a soon to be released or “limited time” product or service)
  • Cross and Upsell (sub-funnels within a funnel to upsell and cross-sell related or even 3rd party items)

How does a sales funnel work?

“Whatever your product or service (or even public service announcement), autonetic sales funnels can effectively create 24/7/365 automations.”

By systemically staging a series of steps, designed to guide visitors through your intended paths (and through their “perceived” choices), autonetics essentially does the work of:

  • hosting awareness
  • seeding interest
  • providing research
  • benchmarking analysis
  • imparting comparisons
  • enabling selection
  • inducing conversion
  • cementing retention


A Case Study in Roof Sales Automation

Corporate Construction & Design Inc. (CCD) is a 12+ year state certified roofing contractor with an owner possessing over 22 years of construction know how and experience.  However, not many people beyond his referral based (word-of-mouth) customer base knew he was any good.  Enter Knowledge Transfer LLC and the systemic interlacing of the digital assets with the offline ones, and CCD was soon on its way to being found throughout its target market and even nationally.  Web searchers in need of roofing services can quickly find the company and see not only samples of its work but also real non-paid customer testimonials videos and even stop motion screenings of a roof installation in progress.

Seizing on the opportunity, CCD has engaged the use of Module C – Autonetics for the purpose of automating its sales staff recruitment and lead generation.

“Anyone can create a product. The hard part is selling it.”

Being in this industry is rewarding and humbling.  Most prospective customers arrive with an expectation that the product or service they have to offer will be met with open arms.  And for the most part, that is always an achievable probability.  However, going from obscure to familiar does not happen if marketing is not systemically a part of the business.

Peep Laja of CXL is quoted as saying, “Anyone can create a product.  That is not the hard part.  The hard part is selling the product.”

This is why marketing exists.  And today, when consumers are bombarded with offers, it is not the product or service that is usually the problem.  It is the follow through after the decision to grant you their business that usually bothers them (and usually the source of all the bad reviews).  Most people feel a reservation about giving any one or any business their commitment because too many times a business has no retention marketing plan in place and consumers feel duped — even when it is merely a perception and not reality.

Setup and Service Modules for your Business

Knowledge Transfer LLC understands all of this and we enjoy putting things in place to ensure not only a viable product or service reach into your market, but that you can also deliver on the follow through post-sale expectation so many consumers are screaming for these days.  In this, we will provide you with two immediate options: setup and module services.

In setup, you will have everything both online and offline interlaced in your business such that the website and social channels are “talking” to your customer database software and everything is locked down and secure.  From initial identity and branding such as logos, sales folders, and a permanent web presence — to a fully integrated email auto-responder system and a sales marketing funnel setup.

You have a skills set and knowledge to provide customers or clients with a product or a service.  We have the medium and small business marketing systems and processes in place to bring you to your audience.

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