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When it comes to setting up a blog, many platforms have made it extremely easy.  Just see one Wix commercial and you'll quickly agree.  However, producing original engaging shareable content is a whole other thing.  There are countless websites and blogs online sitting stagnant because either the site owner doesn't have the time to write the content for it, or, they have sincere mental blocks that prevent one from producing rich engaging content that drives a conversation and creates interest and more importantly, engagement.  Authority Content Services fills that void and delivers unique, variant content.


  • Charismatic content appeals to the reader and has evergreen properties (meaning it won't expire or go stale over time)
  • Rational thought-provoking content triggers the Collier Principle (entering the conversation in the mind of the visitor)
  • Customary i.e., traditional content (works even more effectively on local geo-targeted intent)

What Does Authoritative Content Look Like?

“You can't be a little bit pregnant.”

It is not just what is said, but how it is presented.  If we are talking about something it must convey clarity and direction:

  • What is this about?
  • Why are we here?
  • When will it happen?
  • Who is it for?
  • Where is this at?

None of those questions are associated with anything and YET they inspire engagement.  Authority content creates consistency in messaging; matching and traveling through the phases of the buying cycle: awareness, interest, research, analysis, comparison, selection, purchase, and retention.

[taq]“Authority Content, when it is objective and accurately presented in context and with relevant intent, will achieve its purpose simply from its transparent genuiness.”[/taq]

Forms and Types of Authority Content

  • A video must show the resulting benefits.
  • A PDF should be only as long as it maintains interest.
  • An eBook must strive for a relationship not just a download.
  • Infographics should summarize the intent without curing the itch.
  • Articles should inspire one to bookmark and share even when not directly told to do so.
  • Case studies should illustrate in at least 3 learning modalities who what and how.
  • Press Releases must include tangible traction and momentum.

What Authority Content is NOT

Search engines have created a paradigm where they assign domain and page authority to sites and their written content locations.  This “authority” relates to the number of times the domains and pages are requested and the attributed back links pointing back to them.  Authority content is not automatically synonymous with page or domain authority, although it can and should be the source of it.  Wikipedia states,

“…the relevance of domain authority on website listing … lead to a birth of a whole industry of Black Hat SEO providers, trying to feign an increased level of domain authority.”

Also, domain and page authority, when nefariously obtained, brings visitors from a broadly ranged audience which may not be the intended target.

Authority Content must not be duplicate and it should be found at a single content location.

“When content is duplicate and non-unique, it may not even be indexed.”

In the following screenshot, an accounting firm posted generically obtained content on their website:

dynamic content inserted image

However, a website with higher domain and page authority (and the original content creator) were the only ones indexed for it:

dynamic content inserted image
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Module A – Authority Content Services

Unique authoritative content, once created, becomes a resource and creative ranking asset.  Knowledge Transfer LLC provides consistently scheduled content creation through Module A, and goes a step further by providing content variants to propagate them to your related social media profiles—without the duplicate content penalty risk.

Beyond our Setup services, Module A – Authority Content was designed specifically for content creation, unique to your brand.

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