Knowledge Transfer LLC is a niche, referral-based service.  Once we are referred to you, we seek to understand your goals so we map out a visual representation of what your business looks like from an “aerial” perspective.  Then, and once we are on the same page, we deploy the brand and identity scoping of the business, initiate its resulting marketing campaigns, configure the necessary tools and systems, and manage the entire back-end of the business—enabling you to do what you do best.

Too many entrepreneurs and potentially awesome businesses spend way too much of their time learning and re-learning: how to add a plugin, how to setup a email auto-responder, or how to use one more app.  Ktllc provides turn key solutions designed to setup what you need, and then service what needs management through our as-needed when-needed service modules.  And we encourage you to review some of our work output.

Whether you are a licensed contractor that just wants to do more jobs, or, you are an attorney that just wants to sit in front of more potential clients — this is Ktllc.

Centralized Systems Management

A centralized approach where all business initiatives and projects are created, dispatched, managed, and completed is what separates a viable business from the rest.  The left hand must know what the right hand is doing and the ability to delegate same must be a result of any solution in use.  CRM ERP and CMS must become an immediate acumen in your business.

Our Workflows Methodology

As illustrated in some of our videos, KTLLC creates and provides your business with close-up AND “aerial” views of your business designed to give you a precise picture of what your business processes will look like OR where gaps in processes exist.  And not just in business wide workflows, but also those of specific granular items like PPC as illustrated in this example.  This knowledge in alignment with the rest of your business units such as accounting, finance, and marketing can lead you to a whole new level of understanding of your business.

Leads and Cash Flow Attribution

A call from an unidentified call source is tremendously expensive to a business with any real intentions of growth.

Call attribution (where exactly did that call originate from) can mean the difference between a profitable year OR years of wondering exactly whether precious dollars spent were productive or not.

More specifically, attribution of revenue can be tied back to specific Order data in ways never thought possible.

KTLLC AdWords Campaign Structures Image