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Anyone who has been in sales or lead generation long enough has learned that in-person conversion rates are between 63% to 67%, while telephone conversion is 11% to 13%, and email conversion is at a lowly 1% to 3%.  Thankfully, the internet has further enabled businesses to scale their reach allowing them to present their goods and services to an even larger (while still targeted) audience.  In this, marketing funnels play a major role making marketing expenditures accountable and profitable.

The Mechanics of Lead Generation

“You have a product or service, a landing page, and a form with a call-to-action.  What happens next is entirely dependent on your ability to leverage Autonetics.”

When businesses are looking to grow their revenue, they have two core options: buy leads or generate them.  The first one is obvious and one can only hope that the lead audience is the correct or optimally targeted to warrant the expenditure.  The second requires a lead generation strategy.

From a 10,000 foot aerial “perspective” KTLLC created a quick lead gen video to illustrate what lead generation by way of list building and the use of marketing funnels looks like.  Understanding the mechanics first can stage a website or business for a successful implementation of marketing funnels.

Turn Your Website Into a Lead Generation Machine

If we can turn your attention away from leads for a second, and instead focus your attention on basic human curiosity: think of your product or service and then imagine what your target audience would like to receive immediately (as in right now) to engage their interest?  It doesn't have to be anything expensive or complicated either.  For example, if you are a law firm specializing in lien laws, think: [taq]“what keeps your target client up at night?”[/taq]  If you can answer that, then you have just identified a potential lead magnet.

Positioning your site or business correctly can fluidly take something that may be seen as dull in the eyes of many, and turn it into something intriguing, compelling, and engaging.

“Jane opened her mail to discover a lien on her home after recently hiring a contractor.  Prevent this now with our free ‘What to do next' whitepaper.”

Understanding this lays the seed to what will become a lead generation marketing funnel which may evolve to include several sub-funnels with upsells, cross-sells, and more.

Testing Value Propositions using Marketing Funnels

One of the more exciting aspects of generating leads for a customer is that we have infinite ways of presenting their products or services.  But nothing delivers the most return on investment than a well positioned landing page to begin the relationship building journey that will nurture itself into a relationship and thus, a conversation.

The MarketingSherpa Lead Generation Benchmark Survey shared their findings, illustrating that [taq]“…the clear winner is the landing page”[/taq] when it came to down to which methods were the most effective at testing and presenting a value proposition.  And when combined with the systemic staging requirements of properly introducing a prospect to a product or service, landing pages, well sequenced for the purpose of a sales marketing funnel are an extremely powerful and effective medium.

Autonetics and the use of Sales “choice” funnels.

Autonetics means automation.  By systemically adding lead generation marketing funnels to a site or business (both online and offline), a customer can quickly scale their operation.  Moreover, once an established lead count is determined, it is then a matter of process and conversion, turning a set number of those leads into sales.

KTLLC provides an Autonetics service module specifically tailored for sales funnels and lead generation automation.

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