Jobnimbus Feature Requests

Contractors working with KTLLC call us and ask for automations and improvements to their workflows and tasks on a regular basis.  So we jump in and see what issues are affecting them and then pass this information on to the applications providers.  Correspondingly, we've heard back from vendors asking how we can work together to make things better.

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Jobnimbus Notifications

Jobnimbus already has a feature that enables a Team member to @mention other members in Notes.  This sends an email to the notified team member.  However, most contractors run their business within departments and sometimes a department needs to be notified instead of just one person.

1. At present, to notify all the department members, one has to @mention each one individually so you end up with a note with @jane @jerry @susan @michael @robert followed by your message.

2. At present, Jobnimbus already has a Groups feature that enables selected team members access to specific Contacts and Jobs.  This feature limits who can see certain Contacts and Jobs but in a group shared environment.

Jobnimbus Feature Request: @mentions for Groups

Extend the @mentions notifications capability to include or apply to Groups.  For example, when a Note is created and a user wishes to notify a department; they can tag @billing to notify the entire department without having to enter each person individually.

KTLLC tested the adoption and behavioral response from Contractors' staff using groups in Gmail.  In it, we created departamental groups for our Contractors.  And the staff quickly picked up on its benefits, extending the groups to include vendors so communications can improve even when a specific person is out of the office.

Jobnimbus CRM

Jobnimbus > Ellipsis (…) > Share

Jobnimbus created a feature within the Ellipsis menu on Contacts and Jobs enabling Team members to create a Share link that shares attachments, documents, photographs, etc with Contacts and/or Related Contacts.

1. At present, the Share pop-up box asks the first question, “Who would you like to share with?”  And  this is fine and great.

2. The second question then asks, “Which attachments would you like to share?” 

  • All attachments
  • Let me choose

And this is great.  Especially the ability to use.  Beyond that however, there is a critical field missing.

Jobnimbus Feature Request: Add a Subject Line field in Share

Add a Subject Line field at the Share popup Menu box to enable Team members to include critical Share related subject line information. 

The absence and need of this field was brought to our attention by an Estimator at Calloway Roofing LLC that found that sending the Shared Link to an insurance carrier was great, but that he then has to create and send an email because most insurance carriers need the claim number in the Subject Line.

Jobnimbus CRM

Have a feature request in mind?

We are always looking to improve our services and make a recommendation or provide a testimonial of service providers that warrant their solutions.  So please let us know what other features may become a part of our vendor features requests lists!