Whomever said that nothing in this world is free, is absolutely right! However, if you put in a little bit of planning followed by a little bit of work, it is virtually guaranteed that you can generate leads for free on your very own, at little or no out-of-pocket costs.

I Thought Generating Free Leads Was a Myth

“I searched online for everything from how to make money online to how to generate leads with your website and I came to the conclusion that I sincerely thought generating leads for free is a myth.”

Edgar Tirrell

Generating Free Leads is Believed by Some to Be a Myth


Generating Your Own Free Leads is Real and Here's How

Going back generations, you can imagine that in days past everyone had a trade. Either a commodity or a service that they could exchange for something else. These days things are no different. When you walk out the door and you go to work you are exchanging your time for money. If you provide a product you're exchanging that for money. The same goes with a service.

However, one of the most important things that you have and that you may already be giving away is convenience. Many times someone is looking for an answer to something that they have an inconvenience about. If you have that answer, give it to them—but wait, make sure you first get something in exchange for it!

Even The Dogs Barked At Him

As long as you always have something that you know or are fairly good at, you will always have something to exchange. In the movie Anonymous by director Roland Emmerich, Edward Hogg who plays Robert Cecil is portrayed in a play within the movie as saying, “even the dogs BARK at me!” resenting how much he is disliked by the people. Now what does this have to do with free leads? That movie is considered a myth in that the film suggests that William Shakespeare was a fraud according to the 90-year old theories of J Thomas Looney (yes, Looney is his last name).

Cecil's job was to go get something from people and literally always give nothing back. A genuine receiver and not so good giver. You of course, don't have that dilemma. You see, if you are a dentist, and you want free leads then you need to begin by trading information in exchange for say an email and a name. In example, package your information for convenience:

10 Things Your Teenager Should Avoid if They Want to Keep Their Teeth

A Proven Way to Make Your Teeth White Again

Coming from a DENTIST, that type of information (and convenience of it being right there and at hand) is golden information they will want. So change your approach and start thinking this way.

I recently spoke with an accounting firm that has a tremendously informative website with hundreds of articles on everything from estate planning to the latest year in taxation rules. But they are giving it all of it away, not realizing that if people visit the site and read their content and leave, they may never get a chance to talk to them again—much less exchange that information for a simple email and say, a zip code. If fact, in my client conversion funnels I ensure that if I get them an email and a zip code: IF the visitor is local that business, they will get certain specific, targeted and incentivized information. However if they are more than say 50 miles away, then they will receive more abstract non-localized, non-couponed information.

Also, if you have a retail business for example, put a similar incentive right next to the register—right on the door both inbound and outbound. If you are running a local tv commercial, let the commercial say and do what it will but add the exchange offer at the bottom or somewhere on it.

Now I did say how to generate leads for free and running a television commercial is not, so here it is: find out what the three most compelling questions that your product or service seeker is encountering and then answer that question. And this can be quickly accomplished if you first, write a compelling document for your walk-in business and/or webpage or or blog post. Next, post a link onto your social profiles and let your fans and followers benefit from the information and in turn they will share and re-share it with their friends and followers.

Think of what you are selling and then find a way to provide some of that information in a way that provides convenience in exchange for basic contact information. Now please, do not take this to mean that you add or have a newsletter sign up form on your website. What it really means is, create a piece of information that upon receiving a name and email they will receive either a download link or an email to download the information, and add this, something-for-something exchange form to every page on your website and start generating those leads.

While some out there believe that it is impossible to generate free leads, it is entirely possible that you can quickly generate sales leads and more by simply taking what you already have and what you already know, and packaging it in a way that you can offer the convenience of it in exchange for basic contact information. It may be a one page punch list answering a problem, or it may be a free sample with “just pay processing and handling” low cost of entry type basic fees, but what you gain is contact information that you can use over and over again strategically that you would otherwise not have an opportunity to pursue in the first place.