If you Google “How Does Traffic Generation Work,” all you get is pages and pages of websites that tell you some of the WAYS you can drive traffic to your website, and, tips on how to generate traffic. However, none of them answer the question: how exactly does traffic generation work.

Tell Me What I Don't Know So I Can Progress

“I have purchased lot of courses both online and off-line that supposedly tell me how to drive traffic to my business, but all of it falls short in telling me exactly how it works!”

Jason Donty

How the Details of Driving Traffic to your Business and Websites Work


Eliminate the Pain Factor Starting with Content

Let's start with your content. Go get what you feel is your most compelling article, story, or information. Take a look at it and ask yourself, is this what my target audience is looking for? If you were looking for that information, would what you have to offer, provide the solution to their problem?

Real Estate Marketing Ideas that Every Realtor Uses

I recently spoke with a Realtor that said that she was getting out there and was excited about becoming a top performing real estate agent in her market. And she proceeded to tell me how she would soon be attending a Realtor EXPO where Realtors in the industry come together in one place. The question I had for her was, “Why?” She looked perplexed when I asked that as if the answer was obvious: “networking.” The answer was obvious, but it was not what she was after.

I proceeded to inform her that she should cancel that event and instead reschedule herself for events geared towards property rehabbers, local contractors, and home & garden variety type events. First of all, it would be cheaper because at these events she could canvas the floor, distribute her cards, and if you read our other article on generating free leads, she should be handing out a postcard that asks the persons to give her an email in exchange for some important information. Second, instead of hearing what products service providers have for Realtors at a Realtors event, she could spend her time listening for the pain factors that her target audience: homeowners, contractors, property investors are feeling.

Then, she could comfortably and professionally include and deploy several niche real estate marketing ideas that can help take her solution directly to the problem. Everything else will begin to fall in place from here.

This article is about how driving traffic works. The above example illustrates that driving traffic revolves around your ability to answer your target audiences' top pain factors. If you can answer their questions, and you have a spectacular unique selling proposition, then you are in the best position imaginable.