Where To Find Support Contact Us Page URLs

Signing up for a social media account or even other sites or services is usually made quick and easy.  In fact, you don't even have to provide an email address and password anymore in many as you can simply login with your Facebook or Google login credentials.  However, if you've ever tried closing an Amazon account or finding the true Contact Us | Submit a Ticket | or Support URL for social media sites (especially if you've been locked out of one accidentally or otherwise), you'll find they are well hidden behind layers and layers of self-guided (as in you have to read through much of them) FAQs that “help” to find your answer (…maybe…).  So Where to find Support Contact Us Page URLs?

Here is our short (for now) compilation of some of the sites, and we know it is not all inclusive (yet) but we will continue to add more as we FIND THEM:

It may seem obvious for some of them but for Amazon it is a real deep hidden links journey.  In addition, some you may have to be logged in or you won't be able to find them either as was the case with Amazon.  Of course, one thinks even if they have a problem and found it, they may not ever need it again.  Maybe for us, as we work on these sites all the time we need to know there locations and can usually find them quickly.  But there are some illusive ones.  We found this out on Pinterest where they somehow overrode our Boards and our login didn't even work.  Hopefully, this list may help you and others make finding the support page URL just a bit easier.

Let me know what other ones you've found so we can add them to the list.