What is ERP?

Anyone running any kind of business or self-employed endeavor is already under the ERP umbrella, but may not know it.  ERP is an acronym for an even more vague definition of Enterprise Resource Planning.  But if you've ever used say Quickbooks for your accounting, and then say ACT for your contacts, and maybe your phone to manage your calendar, or even that Neat device to organize your receipts — then you are already immersed in ERP.  The only difference is that all those systems are probably not talking to each other, which means you have to manually connect them by re-keying and repeating tasks that could otherwise be automated and therefore out of your life and enabling your operation to grow.

Why Should I Care About ERP

ERP is what makes the difference between having the ability to service and even more, generate more leads, customers, and revenue.  Think about it; if you could just turn on a magic faucet and have new leads calling and turning into customers and turning into revenue — yes, that would be wonderful except for the fact that it all has to be managed.  For example, I once had a client that tried radio ads and was exciting to see new prospects calling and coming in for their services.  At first, they were very excited but past 50 for so, they began to experience fatigue as they had to remember all of them and keep files on all of them and then figure out at the end of the year: “Hmn, did we even make money on that?”

Unfortunately for many small businesses and the self-employed, there are A LOT of apps and software-as-a-service (SAS) programs out there that make one feel like they have a handle on things, UNTIL they attempt  to customize the system(s) to match their specific business and operational needs.  The most frequent question I hear is “Is there a platform out there that can handle all of x and y and z for our specific business?”  To which I answer in the absolute sincerity of the situation: “There is no platform out there that will be a one-size fits all for all your custom needs.” And this is where ERP or enterprise resource planning comes into play –even at the smallest of businesses — because even they are having to deal with how to connect app A with app B to get app C to do E.

KTLLC is a “live” version of ERP

Sometimes the best way to describe KTLLC is to say exactly that: we are a live version of ERP.  Meaning, while many businesses and self-employed professionals have figured out there are so many great apps out there to help them start, manage, and growth their businesses — they run into customization and synchronization issues that “tech support” or “chat” through those services can ever answer: quickly, correctly, and exactly.  Usually, the best someone can do is get ahead a bit on what they would really want but just simply don't have the time for.

This is where KTLLC distinguishes itself from other marketing and “SEO” only type company's.  Some of those companies understand SEO very well.  Or, they understand web design extremely well.  But then what?  It is one thing to build a website and optimize it for your terms, and completely a whole other to then tunnel those leads into a contact management system that can then talk to sales, operations, and accounting.  KTLLC is an aggregate setup and services provider that helps you bridge the gap and get these platforms and solutions talking to each other!  For example, we setup a Magento eCommerce solution for an online equipment retailer but that same customer was understanding that Magento was a great content management system for the products of the business, and that it would need a competent order management system (beyond the Magento basic integration) to fulfill the large number of orders coming in.  In addition, they also realized that sales and operations covered, now they would have to get the system to talk to Quickbooks.  But not the online version.  No.  This type of business with so many products was going to need Quickbooks Desktop edition which would only integrate and connect via a cloud hosting of the desktop version to enable connections to the other cloud based services.

Of course, not every business needs a 100,000 product website.  Specifically, if you are a services business ERP management by KTLLC can have you up and running almost immediately.  From initial brand and identity to optimal automations and synchronizations.  Need a website that sends your email newsletter sign ups to your sales and contact management system?  No problem.  Need your sales calls answered by live operators 24/7?  Yeah, we can set that up within 48-72 hours.  Or, do you need someone to setup the website, manage the back-end applications, position the business for relevance and leads generation, and create the relevant and trade related content that fuels your website, blog, social exchanges and more?  Yes.  All of it. Yes.

Do What You Do

Once you have a dedicated manager for all these systems and platforms, you can then return to doing what you do best: selling or doing the trade you were born to excel in.  Whether you are an attorney that has spent some hours (or days and months) trying to figure out how to setup a website or how to setup your Zoho CRM, Zoho Social, and Zoho Project Management “tools” to help you manage and operate your practice, you can now go back to doing what you do best: talking to prospective clients.  And the irony is that it doesn't have to be expensive.  In fact, KTLLC has a tremendous revenue sharing referral program that allows you to potentially reach a level of paying no fees for our services.  It's just a matter of how you get things in place.