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You have a great skills set and hard-earned knowledge in your profession or trade.  Unfortunately, medium and small business marketing will become something that will take up a lot of your time.  Why?  Because there is so much stuff you can do these days.  Really.  You can quickly find yourself doing too little in too many things:

  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Podcasting
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google AdWords
  • Social Media

It is no different that trying to start too many businesses at the same time.  No matter if you are a small business new to marketing or a growing business expanding into advertising, the solution comes when you have a marketing strategy.

I Need a Business Marketing Strategy?

“One of the fastest ways to start generating leads and new business is to take note of whom your target customer is and what unique value proposition are you offering.”

Once you have this two-part question answered, it is time to look at your competitors and see whom they and how they are answering the same question.  Look, we love entrepreneurs,  medium and small businesses with a product or service they can successfully bring to market!  So when we first sit down with a prospect, whether they are in Miami Florida or Los Angeles California, we ask them: “Whom is your target customer and what is your unique value proposition.”

The Need for Medium and Small Business Marketing

If you have a business of any type, you logically are going to need customers or clients.  The question is how much of your time is going to be traded (daily, weekly, monthly) for marketing activities instead of in actual presentation of your products or services to your prospects?  Too many businesses will quickly hire another staff person at thousands per year, but not commit to the most basic of marketing line items on their Profit and Loss Statement!

The solution rests in sitting down and talking specifically about what kinds of numbers your business will need in order to be successful year in and year out.  And for this, it will require a breakdown in terms of: How many leads will you need to generate or receive weekly, monthly, or annually?  And how many of those will need to turn into customers or clients.

Anyone can create a product. The hard part is selling it.

Being in this industry is rewarding and humbling.  Most prospective customers arrive with an expectation that the product or service they have to offer will be met with open arms.  And for the most part, that is always an achievable probability.  However, going from obscure to familiar does not happen if marketing is not systemically a part of the business.

Peep Laja of CXL is quoted as saying, [taq]“Anyone can create a product.  That is not the hard part.  The hard part is selling the product.”[/taq]

This is why marketing exists.  And today, when consumers are bombarded with offers, it is not the product or service that is usually the problem.  It is the follow through after the decision to grant you their business that usually bothers them (and usually the source of all the bad reviews).  Most people feel a reservation about giving any one or any business their commitment because too many times a business has no retention marketing plan in place and consumers feel duped — even when it is merely a perception and not reality.

Setup and Service Modules for your Business

Knowledge Transfer LLC understands all of this and we enjoy putting things in place to ensure not only a viable product or service reach into your market, but that you can also deliver on the follow through post-sale expectation so many consumers are screaming for these days.  In this, we will provide you with two immediate options: setup and ongoing services.

In setup, you will have everything both online and offline interlaced in your business such that the website and social channels are “talking” to your customer database software and everything is locked down and secure.  From initial identity and branding such as logos, sales folders, and a permanent web presence — to a fully integrated email auto-responder system and a sales marketing funnel setup.

You have a skills set and knowledge to provide customers or clients with a product or a service.  We have the medium and small business marketing systems and processes in place to bring you to your audience.

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