The Best Way Contractors Generate Leads Online

With Google and Facebook offering their advertising platforms to anyone who wishes to place an ad, you would think that would be the best way contractors generate leads.  However, a few wisely advised contractors have discovered a unique way to generate a steady stream of warm leads and rarely if ever does it require them to spend more than $5 to $7 a lead on Google or Facebook–if they even have to.

What’s the best way to generate residential and commercial leads?

[taq]“The first place people turn to is Google, and there, wait the lead generation services that just take the rightful place of the contractors.”[/taq]

A quick search on Google or Bing for the answer to this question will result in nothing but rows and rows of service providers telling you how they are the answer to generating leads.  From Angie's List to Houzz to Amazon and dozens of other lead generation providers presenting themselves as the best way.

Chris Barnes of SmallbizClub goes on to list some of the usual best ways like signage, networking, and even Contacts lists as obtained from some sources like a Chamber of Commerce  and saying that, “Customer and professional referrals are generally very effective…”  This is good of course, but the details are in the how and not so much the what and I don't know of many Chambers that would readily part with their Contacts lists without violating CAN-SPAM laws for example.

Generating Leads Starts with You The Contractor Answering The Question

Contractors nationwide spend real dollars every week on leads when in all honesty they forget that they are the ones with the knowledge.  The trade knowledge that is, to do the work in the first place.  In this, there is also a bit of fault with contractors as most are a bit impatience to stop and think for a minute about the answer to this immediate question:

[taq]”What question can I answer of my ideal customer to have them look in my direction?”[/taq]

Low-Cost Sources for Contractor Lead Generation

It is answering that question that begins to pave the way for truly low-cost lead generation.  Of course, there are a few low-cost places that leads are available “free”, and JobFlex states that three bonafide sources are:

  • Contractor review sites and directories
  • Referrals
  • Repeat Customers

However, all the review sites and directories listed are also the same places where you have to pay to get leads.  Not exactly a free source strategy, and yes, referrals are great but they come after you've already obtained the customer which is what you are after first.  Finally, repeat customers, again, come after you sourced them and then have to wait a while if say you are a roofing contractor.  It may be a decade or so before repeat business appears in that category.

The Best Way to Generate Low Cost and Even Free Leads

The best way contractors generate leads online is to answer the question of their ideal customer and give them the trust building answers they seek.  This means having to write and create content that answers their questions in a way that makes sense and builds a relationship.  Think about that for a moment and let us use a plumber for this example.  What kinds of questions do plumbing needs customers ask?  What also comes with that question in terms of trepidation and concerns of the potential customer?

Here are a couple of model examples of answering the question.  Which one do you think is the correct one to use?

“How to know when to replace a sump pump?” 


5 Warning Signs Its Time To Replace Your Sump Pump”

Don't make the mistake of making your question-answering-content something that begins with a pitch before it has even answered the question.  For example: “Its time to replace” is a very different message from “know when to replace.”  KniesesPlumbing took a shot at answering the question and wrote an insightful answer to the question, but did not do an optimal good job at relating with their visitor.  For example, where are the pictures or an illustration video?  Moreover, liking them on Facebook may take them away from the site just as clicking on the Email Us link will trigger their email service but may not be optimal at connecting the dots of communication.  The execution is commendable but not optimal.

[taq]“It is not that lead service providers exclusively know the best way contractors generate leads.  It is just that customers are having their questions answered by them.”[/taq]

This is why contractors turn to paid lead services most often.

You are allowing them to collect your customers information to then sell it back to you.

Ktllc has created a quick setup checklist Contractors can use to setup in-house lead generation to generate leads.

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